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VHT Redline 20R Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier

VHT Redline 20R Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Easily one of the best practice amps you can buy! 

Not only does these amps look fantastic with their bright red tolex coverings, the VHT Redline series amplifiers feature real spring reverb, High, Mid & Low tone controls, one clean and one drive channel which are foot-switchable with an optional foot-switch, and 4 distinct overdrive modes on the drive channel that range from vintage all the way to high-gain contemporary styles of today. 

The open-back cabinet allows the VHT Special Design speakers to breathe and fill the room with great 3D sound.

Additional features include an auxiliary input for audio, a ¼” headphone jack and an external speaker out for adding a larger speaker cabinet when you need more volume!

The 20R features 20 watts of power and an 8" VHT Special Design speaker.

Replay Guitars is a proud Authorised Dealer of VHT Amplification.


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