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VHT Redline 50B Bass Combo Amplifier

VHT Redline 50B Bass Combo Amplifier

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Not only does these amps look fantastic with their bright red tolex coverings, the VHT Redline series bass amplifiers sound huge!

The 50 watt VHT RedLine 50B bass amp is lightweight, compact and packed with professional features such as active and passive inputs to accommodate any bass, a post-EQ low-noise XLR DI output with level control for recording or connecting to a PA, a pre-EQ tuner output, an extension speaker output jack as well as a post-EQ effects loop.

It also has Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Master Volume controls, and its built-in limiter ensures that the sound is always big, punchy and clean.

The 50B’s durable, solid, rear-ported cabinet is loaded with a high-quality 12” speaker with double-roll surround for true deep-bass tones.

Other great practice-friendly features include an aux audio input for your playback devices, and a headphone jack for silent practicing, plus a wonderfully lux leather handle for carrying your amp around!  

Replay Guitars is a proud Authorised Dealer of VHT Amplification. 

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