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VOX SL2B Stomplab BII Multi Effects Bass Pedal

VOX SL2B Stomplab BII Multi Effects Bass Pedal

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Amp modelling and effects in one compact, and affordable package? You bet. The Vox StompLab 2B features an enviable array of effects and amps including 10 amp models (including emulations of classic Vox circuits), 9 pedal effects, 12 cabinet models, alongside countless others. There is also the option for 20 user programs, allowing you to put together 20 different rigs and select them in real time. Two switches allow you to bank up and down, along with an expression pedal control. Now you don't need to haul around that 8x10 Ampeg cabinet!


Number of Effects:

20 x User
100 x Preset


1 x Normal Input Jack


1 x Stereo Headphone Jack

Signal Processing:

A/D Conversion: 24-bit
D/A Conversion: 24-bit


Measurement Range: A0 – E6
Calibration Range: A=438 Hz – 445 Hz

Power Requirements:

4 x AA Batteries (included for testing purposes)
9v AC Adapter (optional)

Dimensions (W X D X H)

207 x 125 x 64 mm | 8.15 x 4.92 x 2.52 inches
780 g | 21.72 oz

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