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Vox VE-SD Silk Drive Valvenergy Pedal

Vox VE-SD Silk Drive Valvenergy Pedal

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The Valvenergy range of effect pedals, by Vox, seeks to capture iconic amp sounds in a compact format, powered by Nutube for a responsive and dynamic amp-like sound. 

The Silk Drive is inspired by the modern and dynamic sound of contemporary boutique amps, allowing for a dynamic range of clean and creamy overdrive tones. Internally boosted voltage provides greater headroom and beautifully varied dynamics. This range from Vox also features a super cool OLED display showcasing an oscilloscope, allowing for a cool visual reference on how your signal is being effected real time.

Three outputs also allow this range of pedals to be used as a standard effect pedal, a line-level preamp or a direct amp-sim. 

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